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This was the original Chapter 1 of The World’s Greatest Adventure Machine.

I wrote it over two and a half years ago and I really loved how it showcased Trevor to the reader.

En español l For years, Marcia Andrews visited the same internist in Washington, D. Then she turned 65, got her Medicare card and had to find a new doctor: Her internist was not accepting Medicare patients.

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Mephet'ran the Deceiver, Aza'gorod the Nightbringer, Iash'uddra the Endless Swarm; I curse their names, and the names of all their malevolent brethren." The C'tan or Star Gods (in the Eldar Lexicon they are called the Yngir) are said to be the oldest intelligent beings in existence in the Milky Way Galaxy.After a time, they learned to use diaphanous wings to travel to other stars to continue their consumption when their host star died.The matter around them was so insignificant that it did not register on their voracious appetite.However, a few months after submitting this to my publisher, something horribly similar happened at another zoo with a gorilla.

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Thus, I was asked to change this chapter as it could be considered too insensitive to current events."We need to absorb these 30 million people, and that's going to be a strain," says Russell Phillips, M.