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He also DJs club bashes in New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and his hometown of Detroit, plus he’s a recording artist/producer who’s coming out with a song called “Regret,” about the horror of waking up after a not really necessary night of too much partying. He said, “Even in high school, I knew there were gay athletes.” It’s not as big an issue as the media like to make it out: “You’re gonna be shamed in the locker room! I did theater and was in the art scene, but there is a masculine connotation that comes with being an athlete’s kid. [laughs] Did any of the friends you were worried about turn out to be gay themselves? I had questions about some of them, but they remained straight.

Our recent chat was intoxicating—a real slam dunk, if you will (with no dribbling). Still, I feel like those barriers of masculinity are constantly being broken down and redefined. I had gay friends growing up, but I didn’t let them in all the way.

Their early adventures took them along the rock and roll highway, from downtown Kyneton in rural Victoria, into some of New York’s finest S&M parlours and the Seattle grunge scene.

Let’s hold hands and gather our thoughts and shake it loose together again this Easter in Tallarook. Like a seemingly Dead Roo through the windscreen on a dark country road, Psychos continue to bounce back as grotty and unapologetic as ever.

In the early days word quickly spreading as a warning to other touring bands: “Never drink with the Psychos! Philadelphia's STRAND OF OAKS (USA) is a sledgehammer of a band rife with unrestrained sonic expression who beautifully capture the loose, hedonistic vibe we’re all searching for.

But perhaps their biggest reputation is their ability to drink pubs dry.

Pitch Black Mirror foregrounds the duo's unique fusion of techno and industrial but also demonstrates their ability to continually push their sound in new and challenging directions by drawing on elements of electro, post-punk, and EBM.

Frontman Tim Showalter had a life-changing psychedelic experience that weekend so epic and affecting that it channelled itself into the song “On The Hill” on their just released album Hard Love. A Melbourne 5-piece formed in 2010, their brand of rock n roll comes with soulful delivery, pop sensibility and buzzsaw guitars - a fusion that defines many of the best punk bands.

They made their way to Tallarook for their debut Boogie outing in 2014 as and blew everyone away with their harrowing rock 'n' roll transcendence and Boogie blew there minds straight back. If you stand for this too, don’t miss them at Boogie.

'There's no more talking to people anymore,' said the award-winning actor. The move was make or break and in the end, it broke them.

We don't do that anymore," so yeah, it's been quite a big change.' The source added: 'She's also disillusioned with Hollywood and wasn't interested in attending events as part of a power couple, she needs her own space.With its sonic and lyrical imagery of watery depths, lost love, and transmutations, Pitch Black Mirror offers a sonic landscape that is clearly inspired by personal and social turmoil but points towards the possibility of creative of the longest active running vinyl labels in techno music.

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