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(Speculation about whether Abed has the autism spectrum disorder started after co-star Joel Mc Hale’s character made an Asperger’s reference to Abed.) “We’ve never said yes or no, and I don’t know that the show wants to take a stand on that. Maybe we shouldn’t tell anyone that it was my birthday, though. Like, I’ll sit there, and I’ll be watching a squirrel and a bird and I’ll look at my watch and think: ‘I just watched that bird for 20 minutes. ’”4) He doesn’t know if his character has Asperger’s Syndrome, and he doesn’t care.His home-based job permitted him to attend auditions, helping him avoid the "struggling actor thing in terms of waiting tables, temping and so on".

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He went on to say: "I think our characters lend themselves to detailed, organized scavenger hunts.

He is a well-known actor for the community and Captain America: the winter Soldier.