Consolidating spare part warehouses

07-Jan-2018 04:10

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In the supply chain realm is has been speculated that additive manufacturing could be able to transform the spare parts supply chain.The idea is that instead of carrying a plethora of slow moving parts across a network of warehouses, these warehouses could just manufacture the parts as needed.The extent, value and usability of the material outside the warehouse were unknown.The parts still in the warehouse had not been converted to the current corporate numbering system nor had an inventory been taken in more than five years.

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Working with department managers, vendors and temporary staff drawn from retired workers, a plan was developed and implemented to determine what parts where non-emergency or rarely needed items, determine the item identification for those items and apply barcode tags to all material that will be stored in the warehouse.Suppose you’re in logistics for an equipment manufacturer or a maintenance manager in an operating plant, and a geek in your office keeps talking about the Internet of Things (Io T).Here is why you should listen: • The underlying technologies are available with no needed breakthroughs. The technology could help end users improve equipment reliability and reduce spare parts inventories.In contrast, much traditional manufacturing has been subtractive; Lathes, saws, and boring tools cut materials down to make a product.

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There has been some breathless coverage of 3D Printing’s impact on the supply chain.

My colleague Sal Spada wrote an article on new developments in the additive manufacturing space.

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