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Already in the eighties common formats for microbial data were developed, which brought the collections to the forefront of digitalization, and greatly facilitated the development of a common catalogue realized in the EU programme CABRI (Common Access to Biotechnological Resources and Information (CBS was actively involved in setting up criteria and minimal demands for culture collections within the CABRI framework.“I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her,” Trump said in 2006.He also told Howard Stern that it was okay for him to call Ivanka a “piece of ass.” A young Paris Hilton also caught Trump’s eye back when she was only 12.The list includes claims that Plentyoffish generates over 500,000 new relationships and 18 million dates each year, and 20,000 new signups daily."Based on my knowledge of the industry," writes Match general counsel Marshall Dye, "these claims cannot be supported and are misleading and/or false." These sorts of letters are probably fairly common; what's uncommon is seeing them shared.CBS is sometimes referred to as the "Eye Network", in reference to the company's iconic logo, in use since 1951.

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For companies that sell dating services, it's a competitive world where each major company has to one-up the other in their claims -- how many users get messages, how many of those messages lead to dates, and how many marriages emerge from those unions.

In short, CBS developed from a culture collection into a Biological Resource Centre (BRC) according to the OECD definition: Biological Resource Centres are an essential part of the infrastructure underpinning life sciences and biotechnology.